turmeric magnitudes


turmeric magnitudes is a cassette/digital label founded in san francisco in 2013. the label focuses on personal forms of experimental music made with simple means. textural explorations, harsh noise, drone, new age/meditational music, abstract tape manipulation, and idiosyncratic approaches to process are among the label's interests. cassettes and inserts are home duplicated and assembled based on demand, artistic whim, and equipment/time constraints in generally unspecified quantities.


juice machine - hot rainbow c34
david grollman - death edit c10
barrier of dark leaves - spite c20
vomir c30
rose buried in sand - excision c20
danny clay - cloudkeeper c20
black thread - like shining blood c10
lorenzo abbattoir/nascitari/marko jovich/antisocial block split c20
greg gorlen / static park split c20
static park - until then / what net c20
black thread - leaves falling c20
barrier of dark leaves c20
seamus r. williams & greg gorlen - passage c26
greg gorlen - untitled c34
wires & relays c10
balloon journey c10
la cochonnerie humaine - la honte d'Ítre dieu c20
greg gorlen - spring thaw c20
greg gorlen / spirit being - split c20
seamus r. williams & greg gorlen - sallow c34
michael amason/greg gorlen - oakland / san francisco split c10
greg gorlen/seamus r. williams & greg gorlen - chewed up / spat out split c34
wires & relays c26
greg gorlen - sticks & twigs c26
wires & relays c32
greg gorlen - rotten tape c20
black thread - stay / vale c20 & 10"
dark spring/spitting falcons - split c34
wires & relays c10
wires & relays c10
black thread - corpus c30
black thread - contemplation / incompleteness c20

vibrating garbage - guitar lesson 8" lathe
vibrating garbage - everything is probably meaningless but try to have fun and enjoy life anyway, and don't worry if you mess up sometimes c24
vibrating garbage - corrode c20
black thread - meadowlark c70 (s/sided)
black thread - memoriam c24
spitting falcons - i would never trade what i don't have for what i do have even if what i have is nothing c24
riotmeadows - titanium coma seeds c30
mundo animal/dark spring - split c70
david grollman - squirrel (for jwg 1935-2013) c30
vibrating garbage - i love trash c16
dark spring c40
dark spring c34
crosshatch tape c10
petit sac + vibrating garbage/collapsed arc - split c30
tara sreekrishnan & benjamin ethan tinker/the heroic quartet - split c60
balloon journey c13
hey exit - slow names 2 c50
dusa - aka07 c20
headboggle/vibrating garbage - split c40
daniel steffey - discords and dysrhythmia c20
vibrating garbage - destroy after listening c100
fslux/black thread - split c40
a sudden ripening/birds you once knew - split c40
mundo animal/dark spring/black thread - primavera c32
black thread - the earth is a failed illusion c20
spitting falcons - sleep halo c60
spitting falcons - white mist c70
bonus beast/vibrating garbage - split c40
esther chlorine/dark spring - split c60
black thread - aurora c32
black thread - effulgent angel piss c26
black thread - pinkfire c24
black thread - fragrant hoof carvings c40
vibrating garbage - a waste of time for a time of waste c120


skeleton dust
no magic man (uk)
amoeba sf
tordon ljud (swe)
where frost reign (nor)




to order items, either use bandcamp or email. paypal and bandcamp are very convenient, but any effort to avoid them (cash, check) is welcome and encouraged. distribution requests, discounts on large orders, trade offers, and requests for review copies are also welcome.

all label tapes are $5 usd

cassette shipping:
$3 to the united states for any number of tapes.
$7 to canada/central america, +1 per additional tape.
$9 overseas +$1 per additional tape.

inquire for record or other shipping rates.


while turmeric magnitudes does accept and listen to submissions out of genuine interest, the label does not have the means to release much else than in-house artists at present.


gsgorlen at gmail.com