fermented trash can boogies from the skunk cabbage jungle

nud bugletts


-ungnown gnome C-32 cassette, ANIMAL IMAGE SEARCH, spring 2010
  side one:
    1. slinker
    2. gnome dimensions
    3. sky knowledge
    4. moon zonk

  side two:
    5. kudzu dome
    6. tree hypnotone
    7. sleep

"muntjac is paul grimes of aswara and death chants, appearing here solo as a channeler of dawn vibes in a forest of plants real and imagined. beautifully sparse bass, synth and flute compositions, primitive magic in an endless world. hand sewn pouches by michael ann and inserts by paul, who also designed a series of several dozen one inch squares depicting a character from or aspect of the world from which the sounds on this tape are taken, each tape contains eight or so of the set." -ANIMAL IMAGE SEARCH

-warp cassette, TAPED SOUNDS, summer 2008

**bonus "crap ton of tiny cartoon squares" edition available from me**

  side one:
    1. beautiful armadillo
    2. dub river
    3. cave mangaroo
    4. warp
    5. dual crows
    6. sweet woods
    7. free forest

  side two:
    1. jars
    2. felt foot
    3. rock creek brainways

"Paul Grimes, an allround ace guy and member of the now defunct DEATH CHANTS walks a surprisingly personal path on this album. very outside the common psychedelic genre he draws a path of his own. on WARP, Grimes scrapes together a faboulous blend of easy listening, light marbles and more retro space tunes. a hot mix of elements of KITARO, JOE MEEK, and even some liquid hits of an introspective DENNIS WIZE. fantastic stuff for the upcoming summer hangovers not many people are ready to be in the MUNTJAC waters..... are you?" -taped sounds

-woodswatcher cassette, self released, 3/2007

  side one:
    1. woodswatcher

  side two:
    1. at the lake
    2. waterfall
    3. chirp
    4. transformation

30 minutes. edition of 95. free scruffle on one side before anything goes to the dream zone.

-imaginary conservation sounds cdr, azriel, 2/2007

     1.  wolf mesa
     2.  photon flower
     3.  muntjac mountain
     4.  stagnant
     5.  woodland crust
     6.  boogaloo
     7.  amazing dogs
     8.  sprouts
     9.  green fire
   10.  muspellsheim
   11.  epilogue

40 minutes

rafi sez: "Intensely psychedelic wolf funk and float. snweet technicolor earth dream blast. member of death chants. printed art with aural embellishment + insert by paul grimes. hand numbered ed. of 88."

***all releases available***

$5 each. check or concealed cash. might trade or something also. email and we'll work it out.

    boa melody bar!

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